I am an old school tabletop gamer. I was brought up on AD&D 1st edition, and then moved on to second. I am still drawn more to those than the newer versions that everyone is playing now. I realize that many of the additions in the later years of AD&D 2nd Ed. off balanced the game for many newer players. But that is why I am part ant partial to the core rules vs. all the other player handbooks and add-ons out there.

But, all that aside, one of my all time favorite games, though under published and under appreciated, will always be Gamma World. I was first introduced to the flawed 3rd Ed. of the game, but quickly found the 4th Ed. when it came out. the fact that is was so closely connected to the 1st/2nd Ed. AD&D I picked it up fast and ran with it. Over the years I have collected as much of the data on the Gamma World Setting as I could, from Dragon magazines, Polyhedrons, and older editions, to make my Gamma World as complete as possible.

Here I am working on completing all that together, with out the newer stuff from WotC and Swords & Sorcery, as they are still some what new. I will publish it all here, with citations to the sources, so that even you can play the most complete semi-official version out there.